Bronco Football


Freshmen Team Parent

Heather Sampognaro


Junior Varsity Team Parent

Michele Bunney 

(916) 802-0902

Varsity Team Parent

Jill Soto

(916) 289-3714


Visit SportsNet Inc., to register your player:

Important: You must be a Parent or Guardian to create an account.  Please note: your information WILL be saved if you log out before completing the Athletic Packet.  Your player’s student identification number, first name, and last name, must be an exact match with current school records.

You need the following information to register your athlete:

  • Your player’s student identification number
  • Insurance Plan Information
  • Contact information for preferred medical providers (Physician/Clinic Name and phone number and Dentist Name and phone number)
  • You must explain any significant medical conditions, list any medications your player is currently taking, and list any allergies

Parent/Guardian & Player electronic signatures required for:

  • Agreement for Team Participation
  • Concussion Information
  • Sudden Cardiac Arrest Information
  • Steroids
  • Opioid Fact Sheet
  • Athletic Handbook


A physical examination and doctor’s certification on the SJUSD Sports Physical Exam Form are required (documents generated by your doctor will not be accepted).  CLICK HERE:  SJUSD Sports Physical Exam Form.  You can log back into your  SportsNet Inc.  account at any time to upload your SJUSD Sports Physical Exam Form or you may drop it off to the athletics office. 


Insurance coverage is required to cover possible accidents and you must have at least $1,500 in medical coverage.  Coverage may be by parent’s private insurance company or by purchasing a school accident insurance policy:

Academic Eligibility

To encourage and promote academic excellence, all students  participating in extracurricular activities shall demonstrate  satisfactory minimum progress in meeting the requirements of graduation  by undertaking the prescribed course of study and meeting the standards  of proficiency established by the District.

2019 Parent Meeting

2019 Parent Meeting Overview (PowerPoint) (pdf)


Touchdown Club application (pdf)